June 23, 2010

Sizzler, Santa Clara

Speaking of good food and reasonable price, I would go for Sizzler. Especially if I would have the cravings for lobster tail and grilled shrimp, this will be the place I would like to dine. Red lobster really got the best of seafood but it is a little bit farther away from where I live. Not only it’s farther, it’s more pricy compare to Sizzler. I would rather just spend less on gas and lesser on food and eat plenty. What makes it more preferable for me is that under $20 with the EntrĂ©e and it includes one time salad bar. With the grilled shrimp, salad bar is endless and now we are talking. That’s a winner.

Last Sunday I went with hubby again. I don’t really get tired of their food. It’s one of my favorite. How can I resist that? But, for us being mindful now in eating out, we do it not as often as we used to. When the cravings would strike, we don’t hold it. And that happen on Sunday. It wasn’t that busy as what I had imagined due to Father’s day. I was surprised, no long line and no waiting time on the seats. Hubby and I were both pleased when we were there.

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