June 28, 2010

Rare Case Immigration Ordeal

I went to my interview today for naturalization. I went well with the interview but my application will not be approved until it will be fixed. The problem shows that for 2 years in the system I was still single. And my name appeared to be fiance in my 10 year greencard even though I already have processed and had it corrected since 2006. Somebody in the immigration needs to get to act fast in this case. Hopefully they can get it right and fixed it. I told Officer Tsang to have my application fixed and get it straight. She told me she will and hopefully she does. All I have to do now is to wait for another paperwork for them to have me submitted. She even doesn't know what kind of procedure to be done to my case since it's rare. I hope every fees could be waived because if i start to do it all over again, it's too painful in my pocket. I hope and pray that every thing can be done smoothly. It's just paperwork no more hassle of interview and appointment.

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