July 13, 2010

5th Year in The Us

You can just imagine how the time flies. It's amazing to be here in the US for that long. It's like it's not really that long. It's wonderful to know the country and it's people. There are many things that quite unfamiliar which eventually I learned. Food wise, it was a shock to get serve with a big plate. I could recall I can't barely finish 1/4 of it. Now, it seems I can eat the whole food in the plate if very hungry. But I try not to.

A very promising well thought of card.

Even though I am at the point of being so down with my Naturalization process. I am not denied nor approved. I am on the waiting period which is unpredictable. I hope luck could still be on my side and this whole thing will just run smoothly and with no complications. I thought before getting my 5th year I could be a US citizen but it's still vague at this point because of a stupid mistake done by the Visa Center and now cause me to be on a float. I am still positive that it can be fulfilled in no time and all can be corrected.

As a celebration without not even thinking about it, my husband was so thoughtful enough to send e-greetings, card, a small flag and balloons commemorating the day I entered the country. He even treat me for dinner to celebrate. His so romantic. It made me very happy.

A dinner treat at Trader Vic's

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