July 13, 2010

Staying Close with Family

Thanks to Kelvin Sitting for contributing this post.

I had always been best friends with my closest cousin. We were the closest in age, so we did basically everything together. We were in the same class at school and often played the same sports. We hung out with the same group of people and eventually went to the same college. So it was a pretty difficult change for both of us when after college, we ended up taking jobs in two different states. Being seven hours away from each other was something that neither of us could have ever even fathomed. We knew that we wanted to figure out a way to stay in touch and keep each other updated on our lives. Using our houghes net satellite internet, we have been able to stay just as close as we ever were before.

We make it a point to get online once a week and have Skype date. We usually spend over an hour online, video chatting with each other about any and everything. While, we have always said we will Skype once a week, we usually end up chatting several times throughout the week. Because we can video chat with hughes satellite Ballwin MO, we have been able to stay just as close as we had always been. Video chatting gives us a chance to gossip and tell stories the exact same way we always have.

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