July 7, 2010

Mini Circle Tour

The last day of the trip, we had booked a mini circle tour on the south east part of Oahu. It's much cheaper than the one I saw online. We tried to book it on saturday but apparently they don't do any tour on the weekends. That was a bummer. I prefer to spend our time that day. But we ended up booked it on a Monday. It was still fine.

The weather was kind of odd. The usual type of weather in Oahu. Part of it will shower with dark clouds and bright sunny day. It's hard to predict. Besides that we don't have internet in the room which we didn't pay for the service. What good will it do, when you only spend so little inside. We just talked to the concierge at the hotel where local expedia has it's own tour set up.

So this is the itinerary:

Obama’s birthplace
The president’s first home
Amelia Earhart lookout on the slopes of Diamond Head
Punahou School
Baskin-Robbins, site of President Obama’s first job Nu’uanu Pali Lookout
Punahou’s Circle Apts, where Obama was raised from 1971–79
La Pietra School for Girls
Drive by Makapu’u Point
Waiola Shaved Ice ( we didn't stop for this since it was raining that time )
Halona Blowhole
Hanauman Bay (not available on Tuesdays)
Sandy Beach, the president’s favorite bodysurfing spot

Haluna Blow Hole

The swimming area near the blow hole

This is the bus. Clean and nice ride with a very funny tour guide.

Hanauma Bay

Pali Lookout

Sandy Beach (body surf area)- Pres. Obama's favorite beach


joven said...

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aiwei said...

Would love to visit obama favorite beach too. Nice picture anyway!


@joven: thanks for visiting..ill be visiting your site

@aiwei: yes its nice to see where our Pres. lives and what he was like when he was not a President.