July 3, 2010

Aston Waikiki beach hotel

It's been 3 days since we arrived here in Hawaii. Nice to be back and see the ocean. Though haven't walked from the beach yet, I have took a couple of photos but the kind of photo that I will be proud at. Still waiting for a bright nice weather. Hubby and I got stomach problem yesterday. That prevent us doing more since we have to watch our condition whether walking long distance is a good idea because we need to be near the hotel. We are glad it's not food poisoning.

This hotel is located at South of Waikiki. The dropping spot for the tourists. The shopping area is amazing. It's really walking distance. I haven't gone to this far end from the last trip I did year 2005. It's good to compare what it looks like. The building is pretty decent and clean. They only have 1 restaurant the Tiki Bar where music is inviting at night. The food was okay. I tried my very first loco moco. Hawaii is very famous of that. Rice, crab meat with 2 eggs on top with gravy. This is my replacement for burger steak from Jollibee and Orange Brutus in the Philippines.

The breakfast set up was kind of weird. They provide us a bag where you can put all your food in it. The variety of food they serve isn't that much. It's just pastries, fruits, juice and coffee. You have to chase the best pastries there is too while supply wont last that long. Not much of a good breakfast. It's more like carbs on the diet. They have a section of the omelet and waffle where you have to pay $5 each. It's a good size meal but not really great. The dining area is bad. Not many chairs and tables to sit so either you have to go back to your room or somewhere else.

The rooms are pretty okay. I don't have much complaints except the thin walls. You can hear the flash of the toilets and sliding doors from the balcony open from the neighbors. The loud noise itself on the street could get you too with that. A light sleeper could have a problem with it. But me, I don't mind it only my husband got some trouble with it.

The twin bedroom. Got this room since the king bed were all taken. We arrived 20 minutes before midnight which lucky we were able to get a room.

The small dining, dresser and Tv.

The Bathroom.

The Balcony.

The pool area is small. They have lounge chairs and beds. I used the beds twice. I stayed there to use the free wifi internet which the frequency keeps dropping. It could have been nice if it could have been in the room but Hawaii is pricey. Every thing speaks for the dollar.

This is the fountain at the ground floor at the waiting area for the guests.

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