July 1, 2010

Waikiki Trip

My husband and I did talk about over the weekend about going to Hawaii short notice. We looked at prices of flights and hotels it was quite high. Not until Tuesday night hubby told me that he saw a flight that was 50% cheaper than the prices we saw on the weekend. I told him if you want to book it, it's up to you. He finalized and booked the flight that evening where I was already gone to bed. The next morning I saw a note pad with a handwritten message that the flight was booked. I was happy to see that.

When I came to the office I told my associate that I will be gone and told Liz and I will take a day off on Tuesday and will be coming back on Wednesday. She has no problem with that. I know they are pretty lenient on me. So tonight will be my flight, I am at the office right now and I will leaving at 3:30pm. I hope it's a good time but I will ask Liz if I can go at 3:15pm so at least I have 30 minutes before the van pickup will arrive sometime between 4-4:30pm later. I am excited but I have to double check my stuff and things to bring. See you in Honolulu Hawaii!

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