August 24, 2010

Good for the Money

I have been thinking lately that to be able to use my hard earned income wisely, I have to secure a way to get in to a safe funds account to shelter it from any misuse or unnecessary move financially. It’s been difficult because as a girl itself I have my own needs and wants to enjoy with what I have. On the other hand, it’s also at the back of my mind to save my money for future purposes. I have my goal to be able to live comfortable when I get old. I don’t want to face debt and handle stress as to where to get the money that I owe or reliably living on debt. I would not like to be in that position nor dream to go as far as creating more debts.

Investments could be one of the things you could do to work your way to increase your potential financially. It’s not fast but if you really study it, there’s the chance you could succeed. I don’t have stock options from my job. Non-profit company it is but it’s stable. I can hold on to my job for now and might be awhile until something better can happen someday. What I am thinking right now is to make use of what I got, maybe I have to do some online trading or perhaps avail the IRA accounts. Firstrade has good portfolio and I would like to take a look at it more in a few days. It’s better doing this thing and be aware of what’s my money will do for me than not doing anything.

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