August 25, 2010

What the day Like Yesterday

I thought summer is gone but the heat of the weather just make it through almost when the season is over. Yesterday was so hot. Temperature in the city was in it's triple digit. We hit 100F. Lunch time as my usual past time to stay in my car, the heat inside was not bearable so I got back to the office and use the conference room for me to get use the rest of my remaining break. Hubby later on called and I could imagine how it was for his part when he told me how it has been for him.

The heat rises towards the end of the day and it didn't cool off. We had our own portable aircon and able to use it all day in the living room. We don't have one in the bedroom so we slept in the living room. It was a bit uncomfortable but the heat just not bearable. I did sleep a bit and I right now I am tired. Hopefully tonight will be different and much better.

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