August 25, 2010

Building my own

My preference in buying a house would be contemporary especially the kitchen and the bathroom. Prices here in the bay area are way so outrageous. It is like we are paying for the good weather. California is just way too expensive with real estate. But as they say there goes the money and yet I wonder why the CA government is broke.

Anyway, out of curiosity and comparing the houses that are for sale now is not much. There could be more in the market above my targeted price. There’s no way I could afford those and it will be a dream if I could own one. That wishful thinking is not going to happen. If I do, wow that will be an achievement. So, when I look at the photos I would always check the design of the bathroom. How the tiles are? Is it contemporary or if not how will I make a change? It is part of my creative side to vision what it’s like if it’s with a different design. Glasstile store has a number of really cool and modern designs. I really like this website because it gives me some ideas how to create a good design for my future plans in building my own house. I know it’s way too much to think if I could build my own but it might be possible if lucky enough to reach my financial goals. The bathroom tiles they have featured are so great. One of them is the subway tiles. My mom did use this and it’s very easy to deal with especially when cleaning it. I prefer to have this install in mine too. I wish someday it will come and I know patience is a virtue.

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