August 11, 2010

Ice Cream Favorites

As the name suggests I would lists some names of my favorite here. Yesterday I was like recollecting the brands that I really like. We will just start when I was in the PI. Of course Magnolia was very popular when I was growing up. Buying an ice cream for an occasion is like a treat and a celebration. It's expensive remembering it. But the years evolved and other companies are starting to produce their own and Selecta was born. This in comparison with Magnolia, I love the smoothness and texture. Their flavors are way far much better too. I so grow fond of it. I am just an ice cream lover.

As the years passed by, I still have the ice cream treats from here and there. When I got out from college and a few years after that I got to work in a restaurant. Part of the concessionaire that was in the restaurant was a gelato both. Man that give me the joy to taste a different kind of ice cream. It elevated my palate. It had given me trouble with my weight too. But I had the control over it doing exercise. So from then on, I love italian ice cream.

Now I am here in the states, I am introduced to a different brand and flavor. I tried Breyers, haagen dazs, other local supermarket brand, coldstone and baskin robins. It's really good to be able to experience all those different brands and flavors. My favorite right now is the yogourt from Breyers. I am trying to stay away from the regular ones due to high calories.

For more other ice cream will keep on looking and will update this post.

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