August 11, 2010


The place we are renting right now is nice. The front lawn is so green with lush grass and our unit is with a small backyard. A nice part of the unit since we need a little privacy and hubby loves to be out to get some fresh air too. The only problem with the unit is the bathroom. It got some mold on the corner of the tub. The other day I tried to clean it with using some bleach but still the black spots were not removed. I might have to use another product that is stronger and check if it can be cleaned that way. There are some spots outside too where the side walls paint is peeling off due probably to the moisture inside. The bathroom is just not really nice. I hope I can do some way to clean it just like a hotel bathroom is. Instead of a plain wall, it could have been nice if the owner had used the bathroom tiles. It could have been easy to clean it. It’s not doing well at this point. But we will address the issue to the land owner so it can be fixed.

When I looked online I found this website that specializes in tiles. The subway tiles that they are offering are so well design. I can just remember the one I have back home where I used to live but the one online that I saw are just very modern. I like the simplicity and the design as well as the quality of the product. Glass tiles store is just making it to the top with their product. If I would want to remodel a bathroom or if I would want to build a house and will make a custom made bathroom, this company would be ideal for what I have been imagining. The prices on each item are very reasonable too. It is such a good way to grab deals with such prices. Anyone can be delighted to get that opportunity. Better deals better savings. To my readers, if you are into remodeling I would suggest go over to this site. You can get so much for your money.

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