August 3, 2010

Macro Photography

There was a day that I was told by my husband to take some micro shots. I tried using my camera with the kit lens and the long range 55-200. I didn't get the best close up shots to the object. I shot a number of times. It's not once but a lot. I am very particular of the crispiness and clarity of the photos and I didn't really take a good one. When I crop it to make it look like a close up, I lost it's clarity and the noise are too evident of the picture.

Out of that experience, I searched again some informations online and some friends at FB who are fanatic with their own dslr's too. I asked one friend and I was told about a certain lens. When I looked it was a shock because the price I wasn't really expecting it could be so cheap. Of course it's not really lens but looks like a filter to me. I bought 2 different ways to get a macro photos and not getting my pocket worn out. First was to do reverse photography. I got an adapter and hook it up to the camera with the 50mm 1.8 lens. I took a couple and it was not a success. It's either too bright and too dark then the image is not crisp. The pictures were blurry. When the 2nd lens arrived, I am very excited to try it out. It was the opteka macro lens 10x HD. First try with the penny, the pictures were so great and the color pop out. I was so relief and I posted it online. I was proud of it.



medium size

much closer

Refrigerator magnet

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