August 4, 2010

Weight Problem

As the year progressed, my weight has drastically changed. I used to weight 100lbs and now I don’t know. The last time I weighed myself was 2 years ago and I was 106lbs. For sure my weight has increased because of the bad food I ate this year. I had been divulging myself to ice cream, cake, frappuccino and cold drinks. It’s no wonder how the change is. I should have thought it over before eating those but I was tempted and had let myself get happy on the bad stuff. Now I am suffering from the excess weight and fat I have gained.

Recently, I had been staying away from any bad food and I tried really hard to look away from thinking about eating food that has lots of calories and carbohydrates. I started walking a bit. I should be doing the workout pretty soon when I am ready. I did my stretching first and just using my machine at home. Extreme workouts is what I need and I want to go into that path again. Seeing all my pictures with a saggy stomach makes me feel so down. I just took a picture of myself yesterday and I can see how terrible looking I am. I maybe petite and people would see me as small to my size but for my own sanity, this weight of mine is not what my ideal weight is. I maybe would try another workout is the turbo jam. I haven’t tried it but whatever that is will lead me to a better shape I will do it. I am desperate to loose the excess fat I had gained all these years. I hope I can make it. But I will really try hard.

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