August 6, 2010

Naturalization Update

Well from the time I had my interview there is still no answer. But I was instructed to file for I-751. It is the procedure to remove conditional residency. From that time on I got a little stress on the affidavit and my very good friends were kind enough to help. I submitted the application the week after I gathered all my documents. One original copy was sent to Laguna Nigel and the other copy was sent to the local USCIS here in San Jose. A week after, my package was sent back from Laguna Nigel because they want to get my original GC. Dang, they could have just processed it and have me send the GC. They just want to make things worst. But with no other choice, I did send it back again.

Last week, I got a notice from Laguna Nigel and they got the money and processed my papers. The GC is extended for a year but there is no point because it's not in my hands. They are just stupid. Anyway, the letter said to wait for an appointment to do Biometrics. Another thing to waste of my time. But yet, there's no way not to do it so I will do it. Now I have to wait when it will be.

I wish that my papers will be done this year. I am so freaking tired dealing with immigration. I am a good resident and I follow the law. Why things happened to me, when infact I pay taxes and I speak better English than any of the other immigrants here. It makes me mad...

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