August 20, 2010

Snow Season

The cold weather is on its way. The breeze and the fog in the morning are getting colder and colder. Going to work, my heater is on because driving when chill is like freezing on ice. I feel it’s very necessary to use it though I feel not like the smell of it. End of November towards December and early next year will be the start of snow seasons. Not in my town that I live but 4 hours away where Lake Tahoe is. I had been there twice. I was not able to see full fresh snow. The last time I went the snow already melted but apparently there are still snow every where. My husband and I thought that we could used the tire chains while were up there but the snow was not enough that driving that time was more safe.

Tirechain dealer is a popular company when you google it online. They have the highest rank in terms of snow chains. Their product is very durable and easy to install. Two popular products are the Grip 4x4 and the Super ZLT. It can be both install in 2 minutes per tire and the cost is way much cheaper. Less than $100 that is a very good deal, I will try to remember this when hubby and I decided to go once again to Tahoe. I wish and pray that while we are up there I could have a very white snow moment where I could feel like it’s white Christmas.

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