August 20, 2010

Muscle Pain

It has been 2 weeks now that the pain from shoulder blade is making me nuts. It is very sensitive and I can't even comfortably carry my light purse on the left side. I guess the muscle has been stretched that bad. The pain is driving me crazy these days. With the cold weather in the morning, the beating sensation on the areas just makes it worst.

Yesterday, at work I tried different several positions on how to be able to work comfortable. I tried many times but the pain won't go away. After several hours I asked my manager that it is best that I will just go home and spend the rest of my day. There was no hesitation in their part. I drove home with the one right hand on the wheel. Just turning the wheel hurts. You may imagine the pain I am dealing right now.

At home I thought I could sleep and relax but I didn't. I can't sleep because just laying down it still hurts. So I just watched Tv and after a time I used my neck massage pillow. I screamed with pain when the ball is heating the areas where I got much problems with and I controlled my voice not to shout. I had it run for a time and then later on I used our massage chair to even out the massage on my back. I hope this will not get worst. I am hoping this will be gone soon.

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