August 19, 2010

Hawaiian Party

My very good friend Reyn hosted a party together with Jonalyn. The theme of the party is Hawaiian. Of course I am very excited to participate at the event. The party was for the 2 wonderful babies they have. Both celebrated a year old. Most parents when a child turned one that is one hella party. Aa big celebration one should not missed. One of the most important party of all time.

The party was held at the clubhouse where Jonalyn lives. It has a swimming pool and the place is great for accommodating a big crowd. I was kind of late that day because I was still doing something from the house and able to arrived 2 hours after. When I get there I had seen familiar faces that I have not seen for awhile and it's really nice to be able to see them. My friends that I usually been seeing were there too after sometime. The party was great with lots of foods and the theme and decor set by the hosts where just fabulous. It's really nice of them to be able to come up with a very good concept.

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