August 19, 2010

A friend's Party

It's so nice to be around with good people who can cheer you up and who's there no matter what. I am blessed for this few years and I am embracing what I have. I am thankful to God for showing me the people who deserves to have my friendship and receive it back. I have no problem with these people that I am around. They are all different in their own ways and that's what makes life beautiful. People is very unique in their own ways. A good mind with a good spirit is what makes me hold to people and the people that I am with and the people that I know now no matter where they are in the world.

End of July, I attended Joylyns Birthday. Joy is one of my good friends since 2007. Very young girl with a lot things in her mind. She's a very nice gal. She cooked a a lot of food, provide us some good laughter and talk. Indeed a party will not be complete without it. I had the chance to take some photos of her and my friends but I had some difficulty on the settings of my camera because of the light ambience in her place. It was a challenge to me. It didnt turn out the way I had envision it. This is what photography is. It will give you a very creative mind to get what you want. Though I didn't really get what I want, but the learning process taught me something that day. Here are the photos:

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