September 21, 2010

Marriott Kaui Beach & Resort Club - Part 2

I took a lot of photos with this resort. The last post was not finished because attaching pictures are a hassle. I hope blogger can edit some of it's photo upload. To continue, you find more photos of me, and the grounds of Marriott. I had really a good time staying at this place. What attracts me to the hotel is their huge swimming pool. It's very inviting and I had my share of swimming in the morning though I had swam once in the late afternoon. The restaurants are nearby with good food and a walking distance. The resort is huge that walking really is quite an exercise. I think I had lost some pounds of the food I ate. Just joking aside.

So here are the photos:

So huge Koi's in the pond.

The Restaurants nearby - Dukes & Cafe Portofino

The bridge

The Logo - was glad a very nice lady approached us and told us that she could take a picture of us. She was thinking we are still in a honeymoon. That was like 5 years ago.

Volleyball court on the beach

The beautiful swimming pool

A morning swim - nice right?

Jacuzzi section - super wow! They have 5 of them..

Swimming pool photos at night:

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