September 23, 2010

What makes a house beautiful

Choosing a house reflects the kind of a person you are. For my own taste, modern sophistication is my thing. Though living under our roof at this point is not a dream come true maybe someday with hard work and better planning it might be achieved. When I am bored browsing online, the very usual thing I do is searching some houses, looking at structures, designs and layout. It is my way of getting some ideas on what kind of house I would get into if by chance it will be possible. I would prefer custom made though it’s a bit pricy to where I am now but in another location it could be attainable.

What makes a house more beautiful is something that corresponds with a living. Plants are a good example for it. I do love having them in the house because it would connect you to nature. I have some flowering plants in a pot. Those small ones that friend’s and loved ones gave you. It would be nice to have flower boxes where you can just put all of those plants in one and easier to water them. Good ventilation and location is very crucial too so it should be plan ahead. I have 5 plants right now. I put them near the window. I could have used window boxes for plants but because my plants are different from each other. I can’t put them in one box. Maybe someday, if I would grow more with the same kind definitely it will be a good idea to have them altogether.

It’s good to dream and plan. Getting there is tough but perseverance prevails. I hope one day those dreams would come true. I would be happy and relief to have something that I plan and able to get it. Much sacrificing to do and who knows it will come.

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