September 29, 2010

Missing the school days

I am anticipating in a class again next week. It has been a long time that I was out of school. The last time I could remember was when I took up a month’s class for computer. It was like maybe a decade or so. Is that long? Yes it is. But I did take some classes 2 years ago. It was different because I took it online. It was a refreshing course for my accounting background. The phase is quite relaxing but it brings back the very basic of accounting. It’s good to be able to refresh what you have learned and not remember in school.

There were many fond memories I had in school. One of those was the facility we had in college, the locker room. There was a love and hate with that room due to my personal experience with someone. But what makes that room the advantage was to minimize carrying the gigantic books I had in accounting where I was a student in that course. It ended up stayed in the gym lockers. The one we had in school was mainly for the gym but I refused to burden myself from carrying heavy books. Not too diligent isn’t it. But hey I don’t like to end up a hunchback with those books. Funny it was.

In high school, we have 7 sections and each class has their own wood lockers. Every start of the year, students would chase which has the best condition locker and marked the name on that space. It was annoying to think about it but it made a hilarious memory for us where we were once a student. I am sure for our next generation they would have the same things going on. It might be good and bad but yet one part of that makes a school experience fun.

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