September 1, 2010

Photography Addiction

This has been a long passion since I started in High School. I had been a fanatic to keep memorabilia photos because of my early childhood not wanting photographs taken. It wasn't my thing. I hate people who took pictures of me. I mostly frown at photographers. I could remember the photographers were not child friendly too. It kept me away to loved them. So most of my photos you could see I felt like crying and often times I got that frowned look.

But it changed when I grow up. Out of my desperation, I had been keeping all the years of my photo collection in Cebu. Just sad that majority of them is in bad shape and dusty too. Since I left the country, the photos are destroyed due to moisture. In short it wasn't taken care of properly. I hope that my folks will keep all of it and won't throw it away. I had been keeping those album for years.

Now at the current state, I am into photography. As possible I am getting more information about the field. I don't know yet if I will take this into a career on the side. It depends how it will going to affect me. I just hope that this will not get me bored. But for now, I am loving it.

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