October 28, 2010

1-751 and N400 Passed

I finally had my interview today. There was a mess up in the room assigned that I was supposed to be in but the officer who interviewed me showed me where it was at. The interview turned out okay and it was just re-verifying all the paperwork that I have. My case both the 1-751 and N400 is approved. I am very happy to hear that I will no longer have any more interviews but just have to wait now with the oath taking ceremony. I am glad to know because I have a rare case, my N400 took awhile to process because of the failure of processing the I-751 the previous years. It wasn't my intention to not apply for it but because my paperwork was screwed up. But I submitted the application to remove conditions when I was requested to. So basically it ran parallel to my naturalization in total for 6 months. Both granted approval. To my surprise it will be the day that I could hear "congratulations, you can do whatever you want now". It was a delight to know everything is already fixed.

In the previous interview with a Chinese officer who had changed my name. I had it clarified with Officer Danilo Ayran. I told him that I prefer to have it written back to my current name. He asked me to show me my new passport and there he saw my name. Checked the copied birth certificate and marriage certificate. So he gave me a new form and signed it. My relief because I don't want to have my name change in court. At least I have the chance to have it rechecked and switch it back to my name now.

My prayers were answered and I am thankful that it turned out well today. Now, I have to wait for the oath taking ceremony. Then I will be securing an american passport, and update all my records to the different agencies.

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