October 29, 2010

Play tennis for the love of the game

Content by Sol Rosales

Everyone who has not tried tennis is missing out on a great time. It does take some special skill to play it, but, with a lot of practice comes great reward. It is a game that allows you to be outside and get some great exercise while having a ton of fun. It is easy to play once you get some of the swings of the racket down pat.

I love to play this game early in the morning. It is one of the best ways I can think of to wake up in the morning. Getting dressed and hitting the ball back and forth with my favorite tennis opponent, my friend Rick, is always a challenging and good time.

Rick can hit the ball like a rocket, so I have to be sharp every time I play. I do get to win, and that is only after a very tough battle. We like to play at the indoor courts at the city tennis center. It is a great way to play tennis out of the weather and in a warm controlled atmosphere.

But, before I even think about getting out on the tennis court, I make sure I set my Adt security alarm system to keep any intruders out of my home.

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