October 20, 2010

2nd Session in class

Most of us arrived in the class at 6pm. It's 30 minutes early than the scheduled time. The teacher told us to be there early so she could discussed to us about the lighting. Our basis was the sunlight. It was sunset then. We were able to shoot our classmate per instructions by the teacher under the shed. Helping us to know about several poses and techniques. I got a little reserved because I wasn't really feeling good because of a headache. I wasn't too responsive. I was just a listener then. Well, most of my classmates would run out of ideas too so the teacher was feeling in some thoughts about it. She's really a nice teacher.

The discussion that we had were shadows, poses, lights, props and lighting accessories. It's a very short topic with a limited time but I learned a lot. I am very overwhelmed too. My classmates photos are great as well. So majority of us can really capture good portraits. The next 2 weeks I am doing my assignments. I am still thinking where to shoot and what my concept will be.

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