October 20, 2010

Our Riverside Adventure

Guest post written by Nancy Grady
Tonight Bob and I went down to the bottom of Manhattan—down towards the sea port on the Hudson. We both love being near the water, especially after spending so much time in the middle of the city, so it was a treat. We took a ferry to Brooklyn and I must say that it was great. The ferry was free to us and it went out towards the IKEA store. Bob and I are looking to redecorate, and IKEA has a lot of trendy and affordable home things to furnish the house. I must say though, the ride to the store was just as good as being at the store.
Bob and I stood on top of the ferry so could feel the wind and really see our surroundings. It was pretty gusty and I had to turn my Miracle Ear hearing aids down a little bit. From the top of the boat, we could see the statue of liberty. It was a really good time.
On the way back from IKEA, bob and I had two huge bags of stuff and we only spent forty dollars. Not too bad at all.
The waterfront is really refreshing, and I hope Bob and I go back soon.

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