October 6, 2010

Business Travel in the State of Florida

Thanks to Roman May
My business necessitates travel around the state of Florida throughout the year. I am a real estate broker and occasionally I must travel to various areas to view potential property opportunities for clients, attend business meetings or educational seminars. My business is very enjoyable but the present poor economy has created an environment requiring more frequent travel. Foreclosure listings are abundant now in the State of Florida and many investors and potential clients want to take advantage of the low prices.
When traveling, I am usually away from my office on an average of three days. This mostly entails two travel days and one day to actually conduct business activities. Once a year I travel out of state to attend a convention. This requires approximately a seven to ten day trip. Two to three times a year I travel to attend educational seminars within the state.
To keep everything running smoothly in my absence I always follow a check-list of activities prior to leaving. This list has always allowed me to remain focused and worry free during my travels away from home. My list includes leaving my itinerary with office staff, making sure my assistant has everything she needs on all current transactions and setting my Security Choice home security alarm. These three vital steps ensure an enjoyable and hassle free business trip away from home.

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