October 6, 2010

Planning for something big

I am in the process of getting my financial goals straight. I am not young and getting older every year. I have not been thinking about it few years back but with some influences by a loved one I suddenly changed my perspective about how I am going to improve my status and financial means. It sounds too drastic for a 33 year old who has a stable job but not a promising pay to be successful.

For sometime now, I am browsing some real estate website online and in my spare time at work or break I will take the time to check how many properties that are posted and trying to check how the prices are moving. 2 years ago was a better deal but we didn’t get to move out of fear on the price drop. It could have been a good move if we acted with that opportunity. But still the market is at the lowest peak and interests are low. There are rooms for improvement if we go by the real estate investment. Who knows what could it lead us and what preference of choice you may have.

One particular house that I got into was a recent house constructed 2 years ago. A little bit far from work but the house is too inviting. The square footage is big and space wow it’s amazing. I haven’t seen it in person but just looking at the pictures and layout of the inside it’s quite too attractive I wanted to buy it. I can imagine how to decorate the place. Of course with my love of plants, window boxes are one to be taken care of. With the lot area that is big enough to create a good backyard, garden window boxes would be ideal for the design that I have envisioned. How wonderful it could be if this will come at hand. I certainly would like to have a house where I can live and no attached neighbors to worry about. I am looking forward to the day where I could rest my head on the window flower boxes inside the house while looking straight outside the beautiful landscape of the valley.

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