October 6, 2010

Gold At it's Peak

I remember the days when I started my career as a recent graduate accounting 12 years ago working as an accounting clerk in a modest pawnshop. I was a custodian of the auction jewelries and resale it to public. Back then, prices of gold were high enough but not as way outrageous on the current price now. Good for those people who invested more with gold than the dollar. I wished I was more to investment that time but being immature and living by the present, regrets are coming in these days. In school, we never really heard teachers pushing us to be an entrepreneur and investor. I wish they could encourage more of their students to be one.

Anyway, have your heard about Gold Bullion? Honestly at first I don’t. But now reading about it, I have the idea that investing with those precious metals can make a difference of your portfolio. We haven’t heard gold prices are dropping. It could be nice if I may gear towards that direction and looking forward to a very positive return. If I would have the money to buy now, I would consider myself buying the gold bullion coins. I love collecting coins. I just stopped doing it. One day when things are better financially I would like the idea of getting into it.

What amazes me right now is that there is the Gold IRA you could likely to convert your current IRA now. I haven’t really known that this fact exists. It’s such a way of investing your hard earned money through this. I don’t have an IRA account yet but I am trying to get into that so I can change my portfolio. I would certainly buy gold because I know it always appreciates and the value hold itself for time and time again.

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