October 7, 2010

Watching Some Baseball

Guest post of the week by Roscoe Harris

I really love going to baseball games. It can be so much fun to be there watching your favorite team play. It honestly doesn't even matter who plays they are just fun to watch in person. I love the concession stand and all of the great food. You can't beat some good nachos or peanuts at a ball game. The kids love to wear a hat and hold up a flag or pointer finger yelling for the teams. It is just a fun experience overall honestly. Well this year, we just can't afford to go. It makes me sad that we can't take them. Instead I am going to try and make the experience for them at home as best as I can do that for the kids. We are making our own nachos and hot dogs. They are simple and should be fun. I bought them all pointer fingers last year at a game, so we dug those out for them to hold up. We are going to turn on our satellite tv from www.tvbydirect.com/directv-deal/ARIZONA-AZ-direct-tv.html and watch the game in our own living room. We will yell at the television and just have a fun time all together. I am excited about doing it this way. It won't be the same, but should still be a blast for them.

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