October 7, 2010

Portrait Session

I had my first session last Monday Oct 4th at our community school very near from where I live. I got to the place exactly at 6:30pm. I saw people waiting outside the room that was designated on our receipt. Later on as 5 minutes passed by still no sign of the teacher until one guy went to the office and checked. The room was moved and we didn't get confirmation on that. While we were instructed to go to the other room, I had spoken to a girl and told us that she did get a number on the room but wasn't sure enough.

We went inside the room and find our seats and the lesson followed. It was a brief discussion for 2 hours. I already know the terms used in the class so I am way ahead. Before in college, participation was not my cup of tea. I would freak out. But now things changed. I am more relaxed and also share some of my opinion. I have been changed from being shy to normal. I can say that I have improved myself from being the listener to being a responder. It's a good thing.

I have an assignment to take care for this 2 weeks and I will be emailing my teacher for that. I am excited to know some inputs of my teacher and which area I could improve more with my photography skills if that's what you call it. I am crossing my fingers for my next photo shoot with my friends. Until next time.

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