October 8, 2010

Playing Cards

I have never been a player on playing cards. I might loose every time if I will join with my friends. It is because I am not exposed with those games. If everybody plays in the family, I am the only one who’s a starter so there’s no way anyone would like to play with me. My circle of friends here in California likes to play with poker. You would be amazed that I don’t know how to play the game. My hubby had taught me twice or thrice and until now I can’t even remember the mechanic of the game. How awful is that? Well, I know one day I would be able to grasp.

I have one friend who can play really good with the game. I saw her postings in her social networking site about her winnings. Sometimes I would get envy about many people knowing the game while I don’t. There will be a day that I could know it. Talking back with my friend who loves to play poker, she’s smart and intelligent. I don’t wonder why she can’t win. With this information at flopturnriver website, I will tell her to visit the site so she could have full tilt poker download as well as the pokerstars download. I am sure fanatics like her would not turn that away. The full tilt poker download and any downloads from the site would give her more fun with the game. I am excited to talk to her these days and share this information.

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