November 24, 2010

Chilly Week

With the longer summer and a nice sunshine, cold chilly week was not expected to hit in the bay area. We will be having a new record cold front for this week. We could expect a temperature of 34F and that’s cold. I might be adjusted to the cold weather but still when my hands are starting to freeze I could definitely say it is cold. Today, when I got out from the house and walked towards the driveway, from afar I already saw that my car’s windshield is frozen. The temperature dropped last night causing some moisture turned ice. I put the car’s defroster as high as it can get, turned on the windshield wiper until I can see the front of the car. When it’s visible enough I hit the road and get to work.

I didn’t put some coat on today. It’s amazing for me to be able to wear just one sweater and a thermal sweater. Normally, I used 3 on top of each other. It will not be the same if it’s at night. I couldn’t stand the cold. If it’s morning I can take it with no problem but I know I have to protect myself because too much cold on the body won’t be good.

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