November 12, 2010

Sundance Steakhouse in Palo Alto

I took my hubby with this restaurant on the day of his birthday. Before going to this restaurant, I have been searching everywhere for a romantic dinning experience. There were good and just okay reviews to this place. This is I believe the 2nd best steakhouse in the area and the number on top has the most outrageous price on the menu. We saved that pricey one to another time in the future.

The place is located in Palo Alto just right on El Camino. It looks country looking in the outside but there's the cozy feeling to it. We arrived and greeted by a warm front desk and just minutes after we were seated. The room was dimly lit. I liked it. Other reviews doesn't feel like the atmosphere but for me it's perfect. It's like in a cellar room. Have that romantic feeling in the air.

I could have asked to be seated in the couch area but the seats were occupied. It was a little bit busy on a Tuesday night. The food was okay. I think the waiter forgot to serve our main course early since it was a bit colder. Though the appetizer beforehand was served fast. Taste wise, it's good I like it. The teriyaki beef I ordered was good with a good serving.

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