November 13, 2010

Waiting for the next Doctor Who season

Guest post written by Joe Swendon

I always hate this point, when it's in between seasons for some of my favorite TV shows and I have to just watch old seasons and then get myself even more worked up over waiting on the new one. I really hate waiting for anything really. But I'm glad that the TV show Doctor Who at least has Christmas specials, which will probably end up airing a week or two after Christmas in teh states, like the rest of the show episodes.

I've been making a rule for myself to try and avoid spoilers for next season, but I haven't entirely been faithful to that rule. I found a blog post not too long ago saying that they were filming some in the U.S., just not specifically where. After some more research on that with nothing new turning up, I saw and read through it. It looked convincing enough so I changed my internet service over to it.

Right now I'm watching Doctor Who season five over again to help keep me updated on all the villains and details so I'll be really ready for the new season.

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