November 13, 2010

Kyoto Palace Saratoga

I went to this place the very first time in September to commemorate my wedding anniversary. I made a reservation prior since Teppan dining needs time beforehand. Got a little lost along the parking lot. We were not very familiar on the location. I could recall the last time I went to that shopping area was an invitation to a baby shower of a very good friend.

Anyway, our reservation was at 8pm but kind of late. We were asked to wait at the bar. The bar area has few tables, fairly good seats, lcd tv's on play, and music was cool. Such a good wait. When our table was ready, the front desk called us and show us where to seat. A few couples arrived later and then had to wait for few minutes until the table was occupied. Later on, we were handed the menu and ordered the food.

Japanese teppan doesnt really have that much flavor. It's the dining experience you will enjoy. The food is cook in front of you with other couples you barely know. It's fun if you are not familiar with it. I am not very much of a japanese lover. Once in a while I will try and dine for the experience and to refresh my taste bud.

The restaurant in Kyoto palace is big. The wall ceiling is decorated that looks like a bento box. Nice well thought of. I think it's a bit older looking to my taste but it's cool. The cooks do perform good. I would say this is not a bad place to celebrate a very special occasion.

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