November 21, 2010

Work Related

At work we have so many problems with supporting our data base especially with electrical malfunction. It might have something to do with the electrical contractor or the structured cabling contractor. I don’t know if the fiber optic installation could be the reason for it or it might have other problem that it’s not configured yet. When the system is not running, all branches that using the computer would lose their days work. In a business stand point, time is very essential. You can’t dare to lose that time when deadlines need to be met.

The problem of a shutdown is crazy especially in our branch because what we rely most of the time is the donor who would call us. We need the support of these people and we would not like them to lose their interest of doing business with us. I do hold mostly of our Filemaker data base and if a shut down takes place I would initiate the plan on how to use it without the need of a server. No one knows how to do it except me so I would do that. I would really like our IT department to handle it but they don’t have the password to access the database of which the previous manager who made it left the company and took the password with him without considering the current users. I just hope one day that they could do something about it with a good structured plan.

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