November 21, 2010

No Big Deal Moving Away to Palm Springs

Guest post written by Derick Burks

My friend Stephanie and I have been tight since we were kids, and now that we're living 100 miles apart, we have to work harder at getting together. She still lives in Los Angeles and I moved out to Palm Springs for the real estate values and a position with a solid band. The road trip back to L.A. takes about 2 and half hours from Palm Canyon Drive, so I start out early in the morning, lock up the house and set my securitychoice home security alarm just in case I'm going to stay overnight with Steph.

One reason that we have remained good friends over the years is that we ended up working in the same business and can relate on a casual and professional level. We're both musicians and speak a language of our own through writing, career planning and general understanding of what it is like to get along with another temperamental artist. There are few people in this world that get it that artistic individuals think outside the box and generally have a hard time merging into the status quo in society. Steph and I share dreams, visions and feed on each other's creative energy for a friendship that's going to last forever. Although we don't work in the same band, we seem to be like one person that lifts and encourages the other like nobody else can.

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