December 29, 2010

Abundance of Rain

Last week Christmas Holiday weather was definitely been the best day that I have experience since moving here. The last 5 years was rainy and wet. I am glad that it’s a very nice weather to celebrate the occasion. Though I did not push through my plan of going out of town, the time I had with hubby was splendid. I had a great quality time with him.

For sometime before the holiday, I was kind of worried with the weather. It’s too depressing that there’s a lot of rain. I could think with that ample of rain I might be able to accumulate a full rain barrel. I just didn’t get the urge to go out and gather all those water. If I had rain water barrels available that could have been a very good way of preserving the water. Maybe I will check with the rain barrels for sale online as to how much I can afford. I might probably get one for myself. All those water droplets can be good with nurturing my indoor plants. It’s free water and it’s good for nature.

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