December 30, 2010

2010 San Jose Christmas in the Park

After 2 days since Christmas Day, I asked hubby if we can go and visit the park. I wanna try my Nikkor 35mm which he gave me on my birthday. I was really excited to try it out. I had tested the camera on the 24th but haven't tried it outside. So when I went to the park night time, that was my chance to check how good the cam is and the camera as well.

First try it was a bit blurry since I have to test the aperture and exposure. All through out the night I was testing different Iso, aperture, WB and exposure. The camera was just so wonderful. It was fast enough and the exposure was so great. I am loving the moment when I was there. Though I know it's not really a surprised to see the decor on the park. It's like every year it has the same decor and designs. It wasn't that exciting for me anymore. Though what makes me excited is the photos.

Hubby did a good job to take some photos of me and I was very happy about that. Here are the photos:

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