December 30, 2010


Contribution by Kennith Griffin

Decorating the house is something that my entire family does every single year. It's amazing how lovely it is to decorate the house so that is looks gorgeous and bright. In fact, we just recently decorated the tree. My mom says that her least favorite part of decorating is dealing with the lights. And I can't really blame her considering they're usually all tangled and messy all the time when we take them out of the box each season. After we're done decorating the tree, we just sit and relax while watching the lights dance across the branches and ceiling. It's really a gorgeous sight.

After we're done decorating our tree, we make sure to set our home security alarm with HOME SECURITY cellguard and we leave to visit my grandmother's house. We normally go to visit her just to see how she is doing with her own decorating and we usually help her if she needs it. Once done, we all sit down for some nice hot chocolate and talk about old times during the holiday season. This little tradition of visiting each others houses during the Christmas season has become something I look forward to every single year. It's no wonder that I absolutely adore going to my grandmother's house to see the way she decorates her home and the way the lights look on her huge tree.

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