December 1, 2010

Cafe Portofino

I was browsing all the folders last night and was checking all of my photos that I need to transfer into a dvd. It's customary for me to burn a copy with it in a dvd so I could not fill up the memory of my laptop. Then I saw that I have not write about Cafe Portofino a restaurant in the premises of Marriott Hotel in Kauai. So, hubby and I went to this restaurant in our very last night. We had a late dinner and we were 2nd to the last couple who came to dine it. It was very quiet. The restaurant is almost empty. We were kind of worried that it might not be that good. But then later on, we've heard someone playing the harp. It was so romantic to be able to hear those sounds. I haven't heard anything like it in person and it's really nice to witness it. I wish I could play that instrument but no way I would be able to grasp that move. The strings and the coordination of the fingers that could be hard.

Anyway, about our food when it was served. It was good. More pricey though but it's quite okay. They have a few choices on the menu but it was alright. Though I wish to get more exciting flavor but that moment I wasn't really thrilled about what I had ordered. I think it was overpriced. It's just my thought though. Others might think it's okay.

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