November 30, 2010

A new Gadget

I did shop for Black Friday though not too eager to show up early in the store. I went to Bestbuy in Sunnyvale with hubby. We already scouted some sites as to where to get the items we want. And we tried it there and lucky supplies are still available. Definitely the research was a good move. There was no impulse buying in our part. We went to the store and just buy what we have in mind. We got the canon printer.

Later on we decided to buy a desktop so we went to Fry's in Brokaw. We did not find the one we are looking for but we found a similar hard drive and bought it. When we got home, I was so excited to use the machine. I downloaded 2 softwares that I have which was just sitting for almost a year. I wasn't able to download it because my laptop's requirement is not compatible with the software. So I hold on to that software. I am glad that it got some use now with the desktop. Still, I need more software like the anti virus and microsoft office. In time it will be complete but for now, I can already use it for my editing.

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