November 27, 2010

Music lovers should use Black Friday to their advantage!

Contributed by Raymundo Burgess

There are many different things that people enjoy doing on a daily basis. One thing I absolutely love to do is listening to music! It makes me feel happy, I lose weight from dancing, and it gives me a good feeling when I listen to it. Not only is this my favorite thing to do, I actually have learned to sing by doing this. However, Black Friday is the day of the year when I get very excited about music. The reason why is that many music stores here in Anchorage will cut their prices down by half or more, making a CD or DVD only a few dollars! Not only can I get many new music items I've never heard, I can buy my favorites that may have been more expensive before.

I simply set my home security alarm system from and set out to one of the many shopping centers with my fiancé. He loves music as well so we both have a grand time. Sometimes there are rude customers and clerks at the places I go to, but they aren't really too bad. Most people just get stressed because there are too many people around them. But the little bit of problems that causes are nothing compared to the lovely items that I can buy. I can find MP3 and CD players for cheap too. I love it!

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