December 23, 2010

Frys Electronics, Sunnyvale

I went to buy vacuum today in Frys. Our old equipment no longer do it's thing so hubby and I went to look and buy from there. Before we did our shop, to prevent us getting dizzy in the store and get tempted we research first online about some user reviews and finally made the consensus to get what we want. We compared the price over other store like bestbuy and target but Frys is cheaper.

We got the model from Bissell. I haven't tried the machine yet. But will do the test tomorrow. Hopefully it will work better than what we are expecting. I am crossing my fingers. While we were in the store, funny thing was that hubby and I got stuck to the chair massager. We were there like 20minutes or more and just testing it. It was so good. We were both laughing at it. We had a free massage from there. It's just funny thinking about it. Other costumer were waiting until we are done so they can test it too. The massage chair was so good. But it's quite expensive. I will think about it twice if I will buy it.

Anyway, I love Frys. They have so many good quality products. In terms of gadgets, I always go there. I wonder what will be my next product to buy someday.

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