December 23, 2010

A Christmas Story Is Best Live Action Christmas Special

This guest post from Doris Dillon

A Christmas Story has become a cult phenomenon. The Christmas classic has a line of toys, games, and decorations that cement its legacy as one of the biggest pop culture hits of the Holiday season. I watch A Christmas Story every year on my directtv programming. One channel even airs it around the clock on Christmas Eve. The story is relatable to everyone. It's about a young kid who wants a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas in the worst possible way. The movie centers on his desperate attempts to impress Santa and convince the adults in his life that he won't shoot his eye out.

The movie is a great family event. I watch it with my fiancé and occasionally with other people. We know the movie by heart but still watch it each year anyway. We even have the famous leg lamp sitting in our basement. The story is both funny and heartwarming. While it takes place decades ago the plot is still fitting today. It's about kids being kids. It's about families remaining close. It reminds us of how chaotic Christmas can be but that you shouldn't lose sight of what's important. Lastly, it reminds us of what it was like to want something so bad when we were younger. Watching A Christmas Story is one of my favorite holiday traditions every year.

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