December 24, 2010

My Natal Day

We didn't go out of town this year. Though it could have been nice but the long drive and weather condition was the concern, so we just stayed home. Our day started with the brunch in Amilia's Cafe just 2 blocks from where I live. As usual we got our favorite. I got mine a Loco Moco while hubby got his country benedict. It was a nice small place but very good in taste. No wonder we always come by to that little corner every chance we make.

I took pictures before I went out for Brunch.

At 4pm we went to attend mass in St. Justin. We joined the family mass so the church was packed. We got there 3 minutes before the ceremony started. No empty seats available and we were standing for an hour. Our feet and legs were hurting but it was a sacrifice. I am glad I attend mass for my birthday.

Right after church we go straight to mountain view in castro St. We dined at Don Giovanni. We got there the place was half full and after awhile the place looks almost occupied. We seated right across to a big party group. A bit noisy but it's not bothersome. People wanted to celebrate with real good food. The place didn't fail us. We loved it. The prices are very reasonable and the size of the serving are pretty good as well. This will be the italian place I would sure love to keep on coming back. I loved it. I thank hubby for choosing that place and spent my birthday dinner over there.

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