December 5, 2010

Saving Files

I am the type who always back up my photos in a cd or dvd. It’s very important for me to save all those because I treat them very significant. I would get upset if I could mistakenly delete files without the backing up. I had my few experience about lost files and I wasn’t able to retrieve it. I know how it feels when you lost something and you will have no way or chance of getting it back. From my experience, I am very cautious of what I have stored in my laptop or desktop and really back up those files that has significant meaning.

Knowing that for myself, I have a few empty DVD-R and CD-R to use for saving my files. When I have enough files to save, I would normally do that every once in awhile. Just yesterday, I was looking all the music cd collection that I made. Using my old cd printers before it was been a delight to see how I spent time to do the effort of creating one. It’s nice to see them actually. Yesterday or it might be the other day that hubby was telling me that one of the things he liked to have is the dvd duplicators. He liked to have it. Now I am thinking about it that perhaps it could be one of my gifts for Christmas. I would look into the dvd duplication guide and see how that works so I could purchase it soon. I really have to think about something for our exchange gifts. I am getting excited for the day to come.

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