January 19, 2011

Building a studio

I like to have my own studio that I can work with for my passion in photography. I have been saving right now for the stuff that I want. I would like to get the lighting starter kit just to begin with and since on my readings some pro photographers are just even using the starter kit. I would try my purchases base on my given budget and I would not exceed to it. This is just a passion that I don’t get paid for. But if it turned out that I can earn from it, I will eventually upgrade. For now, what I have is a really good stuff though I still need to require some pro lens. Just like I said, I will only base my purchases on the budget.

I also like to get the background set up. I already have some things in mind and I am really excited to pull altogether the items that I want and test it but I only have to hold it off right now because of the current space at our place. If we can move to a bigger place definitely it’s one my goal. I hope I can attain to get all of it.

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